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linoleum Flooring indianapolis

Linoleum Flooring Indianapolis IN

Linoleum Flooring Indianapolis: Pros and Cons

Selecting the ideal flooring solution for specific places might be tricky when planning the layout of your new building. Linoleum was popular in both home and business settings until the 1950s when vinyl flooring surpassed it. Linoleum, on the other hand, is experiencing a rebirth in popularity today.

While linoleum is slightly more expensive than vinyl, it is significantly more durable and cost-effective over time. This floor covering can endure up to 40 years with proper care and upkeep. It's also an excellent choice for high-traffic locations. The color and patterns of the flooring do not fade because the pigments are interwoven throughout it.

The linoleum flooring Indianapolis team will go through the benefits and drawbacks of linoleum floor IN to help you decide if it is a good fit for your space.

Pros: Soft and flexible
Linoleum floor IN is made from natural ingredients, making it flexible, bounceable, and extremely long-lasting. If properly maintained, it can endure up to 40 years. It's also quite soft and lovely to walk on.

Cons: Scratches are prone to occur.
Linoleum can be scraped or ripped by dragged furniture or sharp objects such as pointed heels because of its softness. Additionally, the natural components of the flooring linoleum IN make it sensitive to moisture damage, and high humidity can cause corners to curl.

Pros: Linoleum dye is integrated throughout the flooring, unlike vinyl and laminate, making it superior at holding color and design. Then there's the fact that linoleum comes in a wide range of colors and designs. Finally, because flooring linoleum IN is so easy to cut to precise measurements, you may make one-of-a-kind mosaics with tile linoleum.

Cons: Linoleum takes on a slight yellowish tinge when exposed to light.

Pros: Sealed = Low Upkeep
Linoleum is simple to install and requires little maintenance. With regular sweeping and mopping, it can last its entire life expectancy.

Cons: Unsealed means more upkeep.
If you choose unsealed linoleum, you may need to clean and buff it regularly. Linoleum can also indicate its age by yellowing if it is not maintained correctly.

Pros: Renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly
Flooring linoleum IN is a low-maintenance flooring solution that is also good for the environment. The linoleum floor is made from linseed oil from flax, which is a sustainable resource. Linoleum is also biodegradable, non-toxic, and formaldehyde-free, and unlike vinyl flooring, it will decay when discarded. Finally, it will not pollute indoor air because it releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Con: Installation odor is a disadvantage.
Linoleum flooring emits linseed odors for about a week to a month after installation. These scents are harmless, but they may irritate certain people.

Linoleum floor IN installation is not a simple task. It needs to be accurately cut and attached using a spread adhesive. Installing this type of flooring necessitates a high level of expertise. Thus, it is recommended that homeowners employ a professional to do the installation. Professional linoleum floor IN installation may appear to be an extra cost, but it is always recommended to keep your floors under warranty.

Are you thinking of installing linoleum flooring? The team hopes that this information has assisted you in determining whether linoleum flooring is appropriate for your project. For additional information and to see our project installations, please get in touch with linoleum flooring Indianapolis experts.
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