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So you want to have wooden floors, but you are unconvinced about getting laminate wood flooring. Get the facts here.

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indianapolis Laminate Flooring

Indianapolis IN Laminate Flooring

Laminate Wood Flooring 101 by Indianapolis Laminate Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is a revolutionary product that is redefining the entire flooring industry. Since its introduction in the 1970s, the opportunity to have wooden floors at home has become so attainable that more and more homeowners are choosing this flooring type over others. If you are from Indianapolis and you are still skeptical about laminate wood flooring, read this Indianapolis Laminate Flooring guide to laminate wood flooring.

What is laminate flooring?
Lamination is the process of bonding layers of materials together. Laminate flooring then is a hybrid type of flooring made of layers of materials subjected to high pressure, heat, and binding chemicals. The designs we see on laminate floors are created through a high-definition photographic layer.

Is laminate flooring plastic?
No. In the earlier years, most people believed that laminate flooring was made of plastic due to its appearance, design, and texture. Laminate flooring in the past had a poor quality to make them affordable. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, laminate wood flooring recently looks and feels like real wood. It is almost hard to tell them apart from natural wood.

What is laminate wood flooring made of?
Depending on the brand, laminate wood flooring comes in at least four layers: the Wear Layer, Design Layer, Core Layer, and Back Layer.

The wear layer is the top protective layer. It is made of aluminum oxide, which helps prevent the design from fading and staining. The design layer is a high-definition photograph of wood. Some manufacturers even add texture to this layer for a more realistic look and feel. The core layer is made of a high-density board to give it structure and protect it from indentations. The back or bottom layer is for balancing and to prevent the planks from cupping or bowing during installation.

What designs are available?
Laminate flooring was initially made to mimic wood. However, recently, laminate flooring also comes in realistic stone-effect, metal-effect, and tile-effect designs.

Why should I consider laminate wood flooring?
Laminate wood flooring has several benefits. To begin with, laminate wood flooring looks as good as hardwood flooring but costs less by tenfold. Homeowners can choose wood-effect designs from a vast selection of wood species. The process of installing them is also much simpler. Its multi-layer construction makes it one of the most durable flooring options. It is resistant to stains, impacts, and scratches, making it a great flooring option for families with young children and pets.

How do I install laminate wood flooring?
Laminate wood flooring can be installed on your floors by gluing or snapping them together. You can choose to DIY. Or, you can have it professionally installed, especially if going through all the floor and plank measuring, prepping, cutting, and layering sounds too tedious for you.

What is the best laminate wood flooring for me?
Laminate wood flooring boasts a long list of amazing features. However, if you prefer waterproof laminate flooring that also can resist the growth of molds and mildew, get Laminate Wood Flooring IN.

Laminate Wood Flooring IN is treated with an allergen-resistant and anti-bacterial coating, making it the best and safest choice for your family and loved ones. It is available in a variety of designs in Indianapolis Laminate Flooring. Our flooring specialists can also help you in selecting the style and color that you want.

How do I contact Indianapolis Laminate Flooring?

Interested in laminate flooring? Contact Indianapolis Laminate Flooring via our phone number on this page for questions about our products and services. 

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