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As professionals in wood flooring, it is our job to inform the customer about the involvement of a wood flooring job from beginning to end. Yet, Flooring in Indianapolis realizes that there is a lot to consider in trying to understand it. Thus, we have compiled some of the most common wood flooring aspects that confuse the consumer. We hope that this article can help you educate your customers, preventing all kinds of frustration.

"Sheen" basically means how brilliant the floor is, typically from matt or no sparkle to satin to semi-bright and glossy or super shiny. Gloss is measured in the flooring world by a gloss meter measuring the reflected light from the beam of light from a given angle to the floor. The glass can affect the perception of the floor color, as noted in the citation above. Sheen also contributes significantly to the amount of wear and scratches on a wooden floor. The glossier the floor, the clearer the wear will be on the finish. A low glass floor enables scratches and other markings to be disguised on the finish, making it an excellent choice for customers concerned about finish wear.

If customers are not told at the beginning of the selection process about the difference in hardness in tree hardness, they end up with species unfit for their lifestyle.
The reason is the hardness of the wood. The test measures the required force to insert a steel ball of 0,444 inches in diameter halfway into a wood sample. The hardness of the yellow birch is 1260, while the hardness of the white oak is 1360. Some exotic forests have more than 2,000 hardnesses. How readily different species dent—including specific warnings:

  •   The test uses a circular ball, not a sharp thing. Even high-value wood species are, for example, helpless in the pulverization of cement against a stylus. Almost every wood floor will be dented by rolling a piano or refrigerator.

  •   The thickness of the furnace is vital for engineered floors. If a base has a thin furnace, the core hardness of the material is more significant than the wear layer classification for the species.

Custom Flooring in Indianapolis advises that the selection of higher species helps prevent dents, and some other alternatives that can help cover up wear include distressed floors and flooring species. And grades with character and grain: Is not apparent on a floor of red oak on a clear base of maples.

There are still a fair number of installers that do not understand the acclimatization to blame consumers. A valid reason is that unhappily for years, the wood had to be placed on a worksite for ten days or more before it could be installed, the industry preached an acclimation schedule. We know that the acclimation is not just a time frame, as wood flooring experts.

Before installation, the wood reaches the desired moisture content (MC). Wood is hygroscopic, which means that it gains and loses moisture to equalize its surroundings with relative humidity and temperature.

In finality, as you can see, the average consumer can confuse hardwood flooring with many things. We are your trusted resource for the design and renovation of your projects at your flooring in Indianapolis. Flooring in Indianapolis can assist with the specification and installation, cleaning, repair, and maintenance projects for your specific floorings.

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Whatever flooring you desire, Flooring in Indianapolis offers oak, maple, cherry, bamboo, and much more in Indianapolis. Custom flooring is excellent because it is available in various finishes and textures, is durable, and can make every room elegant.

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