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Every homeowner wishes for their home to be attractive and appealing. We know the significance of investing in high-quality flooring, both for your enjoyment and future sales potential.

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Flooring in indianapolis

Flooring Indianapolis IN

Our professional flooring in Indianapolis IN, refinishing process

First and foremost, our team at flooring in Indianapolis meet with the homeowners to discuss the amount of traffic in the room that needs refinishing, whether there are any pets, and how shiny the homeowner wants the floors to be. This information will aid in determining the refinishing requirements. The floors that need to be refinished are then thoroughly evaluated.

You might be wondering what the first step is after you've opted to get your hardwood floor refinished. The following stage is usually sanding, which is done using a belt sander or drum sander and an edger. The center of the room is sanded with the belt/drum sander, while the edges are sanded with the edger. Hand scraping is done in tight locations like corners and door trims.

Upon assessment, our qualified workers at custom flooring in Indianapolis can determine this and point out any areas of concern, such as stains that may not be sanded out or boards that should be replaced before sanding.

After the hardwood flooring has been sanded, the staining and finishing process begins. The color chosen is always the initial coat, followed by the clear coating procedure, which normally takes two to three coats. Coatings are available in a variety of sheens, including matte, satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss.

After the finish has been applied, we recommend that you stay off that areas until they have dried. The length of time required is determined by the stain color and type of finish utilized. Darker colors dry slower than lighter colors, while oil-based finishes dry slower than water-based finishes.

The best thing about most hardwood floors is that we can easily change the color to stain any existing one, even if it has already been stained, as long as the floor is in excellent shape. Flooring in Indianapolis' committed team works hard to provide you with the kind of flooring that you want at a price that you can afford. The restoration procedure is usually completed and ready to walk on the next day, depending on the finish chosen by the homeowner.

Polyurethane (oil-based vs. water-based)

While both oil-based and water-based polyurethanes protect wood from deterioration, there are notable distinctions.

A water-based polyurethane will remain clear for the lifetime of the hardwood floor, whereas an oil-based polyurethane will brown over time. It's vital to remember that it can only get one coat of oil-based poly in 24 hours, which means a substantially longer drying time. A water-based poly, on the other hand, can be applied in a single day and dries much faster.

When applying oil-based poly, we recommend that our clients leave the house. This is because of the strong chemical odor that oil-based poly possesses, which can be dangerous to inhale. Water-based poly, on the other hand, has almost no odor and is suitable for humans and dogs to be around while it is being applied and dried.

When it comes to thickness, water-based poly is a thinner but stronger covering, thus three layers are recommended if using this product. This is especially critical if you have dogs, because water-based poly is more easily scratched. Because oil-based poly is thicker and softer, two coatings are usually sufficient.

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If you're thinking about replacing your hardwood floors because they're old and worn out, reconsider; we're here to help. Our flooring in Indianapolis experts can restore your current hardwood floors – no matter how old they are, how light or dark they are, or how broad or thin they are, we can make them look brand new again!

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