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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
Address: 456 N Meridian St Ste X, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA

What They Say About Us

Chloe R.

“The best and most affordable flooring company in Indianapolis that I have worked with. They were incredibly amazing to deal with and provided me useful advice. My new kitchen floor looks beautiful, and I’m loving it.”

Joanna E.

“Their staff was very easy to deal with and responsive. I contacted them for a free quote, and they provided the quote immediately and dropped off some flooring materials samples within a few days to our address. They were very helpful, professional, organized, and friendly.”

Oliver M.

“The tile flooring they installed in my newly renovated bathroom looks incredibly beautiful and they made an impressive job. The floor is installed properly and smoothly. They charged me an affordable price. Highly recommended.”