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With 20 years of experience in the field, we are a locally-owned and operated business pioneering customer service excellence. We offer a comprehensive flooring service in Indianapolis, from supply to installation for residential and commercial projects.

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Flooring Indianapolis: Leading Flooring Experts in Indianapolis

Flooring Indianapolis IN has been servicing the community of Indianapolis for 20 years with the supply and installation of high-quality flooring products and providing our additional flooring services.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of customer service and products that have been tried, tested, and proven through experience.

Our most valued clients know that we are proud to help homeowners and businessmen who have faith in our respect and reliability for quality workmanship and services.

We have established our excellent reputation by providing beautiful, durable, and affordable flooring solutions for residential and commercial projects all over Indianapolis.

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If you are too busy to do it yourself or if you find installing your new floors a little daunting, there are several options available for you to get your new floor installed.

Regardless of whether you are renovating an existing residential or business space or building a new home, many things have to be discussed to achieve the best possible result.

Flooring Indianapolis goes the extra mile, and we will discuss with you all the essential things you have to consider when installing your new floors, such as the materials, color, design, and more.

Once you choose your material, style, and color, we will schedule the perfect date and time for our skilled installers to come to your property to transform your living space or office. We will deliver the materials, inclusive of the installation process as well.

With our professional floor installation, your floor is guaranteed to have a perfect finish and last long. We use only the best flooring materials, equipment, accessories, and people to ensure we deliver the highest quality product.

At Flooring Indianapolis, we have flooring experts who are committed to providing guidance and inspiration to help you select the right product for your space. While our installers will fit and install your products smoothly and without any hassle.

If you choose us to install your floor, we will leave no stone unturned until you are satisfied with the final result.

If you have any inquiries, we have an expert available to assist you anytime.

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Flooring Indianapolis IN

Satisfied Customers

We care about your complete satisfaction and will not stop until you are completely satisfied with your new floor.

Flooring Indianapolis IN

Affordable Prices

We do not have enormous operational costs as a local company, so we can pass on the savings to you. We are the main supplier for residential and commercial builders, which allows us to purchase big and keep the costs down.

Flooring Indianapolis IN

Full-Service Provider

From design consultation to flooring installation to customer service, you can count on our team to provide you all the services you need.

Flooring Indianapolis IN

Top Quality Services

We are committed to providing extremely personalized service and attention to detail.

Flooring Indianapolis IN

Quick Response Time

We have staff available anytime to answer all your inquiries and concerns. We aim to provide you with a response right away.

Flooring Indianapolis IN

Expert Staff

With 20 years of experience in the industry and the backing of our highly qualified flooring experts who follow the flooring standard code, we guarantee you that you are getting quality service and the job is done properly.

We got you covered! Take your concerns to us, and we will solve them for you.

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Whether it is a hard-wearing laminate floor, a colorful ceramic tile, or an elegant hardwood floor, our accommodating and friendly team can help you choose a flooring solution to best suit your space and budget.

At Flooring Indianapolis, we care about your complete satisfaction and will not stop until you are completely satisfied with your new floor. We are different from the other flooring companies in Indianapolis because we offer highly personalized service and exceptional attention to detail.

With 20 years of combined experience in the industry of design consulting, flooring installation, and customer service, you can count on our team to help you pick the suitable floor for your home or business and the most affordable solution.

If you have checked out our extensive range online but are not pretty sure what to choose, make sure to book a consultation and allow our experts to guide you in making the best decision. We offer a customized service at our showroom, helping you bring your vision to life.

View samples in our store and allow us to help you choose the perfect product that matches your home or business. If you cannot make it to our showroom or would like to view samples at your address, we can arrange a measure and quote where samples can be matched to your design.

We provide a no-obligation quote for all your flooring needs, which includes supply only or professional installation for your home or office. A free measure and quote service is also offered in store. Fill up our form online to choose the best quotation option for your project. Or you may call us and schedule an appointment to get expert advice and quotations for free!

What They Say About Us

Chloe R.

“The best and most affordable flooring company in Indianapolis that I have worked with. They were incredibly amazing to deal with and provided me useful advice. My new kitchen floor looks beautiful, and I’m loving it.”

Joanna E.

“Their staff was very easy to deal with and responsive. I contacted them for a free quote, and they provided the quote immediately and dropped off some flooring materials samples within a few days to our address. They were very helpful, professional, organized, and friendly.”

Oliver M.

“The tile flooring they installed in my newly renovated bathroom looks incredibly beautiful and they made an impressive job. The floor is installed properly and smoothly. They charged me an affordable price. Highly recommended.”

Frequently Asked Questions

When renovating or building a new house, every material must be carefully checked. Flooring must be made from a suitable material, but how much does a new flooring cost in Indianapolis? On average, the new flooring would cost $6 to $10 per square foot. Some homeowners can spend $3 or $18 per square foot, which depends on the material used.

Do you see that it is the time to do some renovation, especially for your flooring? with all the materials needed, how much does it cost to install flooring in Indianapolis? For a new flooring installation, the structure would cost between $3 and $22 per square foot, but this depends on the material. You may expect to pay between $1,493 and $4,462, with the average price of $2,950 to cover a 500 square foot space. Labor price may cost from $0.60 to $4.00 depending on the contractor and the scope of the project.

Wood flooring is still a common type of flooring that most homeowners prefer to use. Hardwood flooring is denser and more durable, making the floor last longer and requires less maintenance. But, how much does it cost to install hardwood floors in Indianapolis? Averagely, the installation would cost $4,213, and most homeowners can spend between $2,311 and $6,115. You can expect to pay the price from $6 to $11 per square foot for a low end, and high-end prices can range from $12 to $23 per square foot. It applies to both the materials and installation.

With the daily use of flooring, there will be instances that it can damage the flooring. It requires replacing, but how much does it cost to replace flooring in Indianapolis? Flooring has a different type of material, and this would also add cost to it. The average cost to replace a floor can range from $200 to $3,000. Most homeowners may pay around $1,200 for hardwood flooring repair with moderate damage. Fixing a sagging sub-floor and joists in the high end can cost above $30,000, and for low end such as carpet repair can cost less than $100.

Another type of flooring that you can use is marble flooring, an elegant style with subtle veining with distinctive shine. But how much does marble flooring cost in Indianapolis? Marble flooring can cost between $3,000 and $5,000. An example would be installing a 200 sq. Ft. Foyer of Crema Marfil marble, which can cost $3,600.

Hardwood flooring also requires refinishing, but how much does it cost to refinish a hardwood floor Indianapolis? On an average, this can cost $768 to $1,280 for a 256 sq.ft. Room. Most homeowners can spend between $1,150 and $2,110 in refinishing a wood floor, but this would depend on the project’s size and the flooring's current condition.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
Address: 456 N Meridian St Ste X, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA